Saturday, 16 March 2013

Along the river Elbe - Dresden Laubegast und Kleinzschachwitz

5 hours - 5 kilometres. Photos from my walk along the river Elbe, through a birch tree forest and heath land in Dresden.

Ship Wharf Dresden Laubegast. You aren't allowed to enter but the gap in the fence by the river edge made it very tempting to just go on. I didn't think anyone was there. Then I heard dogs barking like mad and soon after was asked by a security guard to leave the premises asap. Oops, caught trespassing. He said he had the dog under control for now.  Ah well, was worth a try. Things you do for pictures and a shortcut. 
Walked all the way back, then on the road all around the yard until I could go back down to the river bank again.

Macro Landscapes (through the fence of a Villa):


Apologies, here come a lot of shots of birch trees :)

So, I'm done with the birch and sky shots :)

Laubegaster Weg:

Shower cap over lens experiments:


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