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Holyrood Park, Edinburgh - December 2011

Photos from my walk/climb at Holyrood Park, Arthur's Seat and the Salisbury Crags taken on my visit to Edinburgh in December 2011

As you may have gathered, I'm not a big writer. Hence this post is stripped down to what I'm better at, which is taking pictures. All I can say about that walk is that the scenery is stunning, that it was ice cold, very windy and it there was a slight drizzle. Almost lost my fingers to the cold! I still haven't learned how to operate the camera with gloves on. 

Enjoy this little photographic excursion! 

View of Arthur's Seat (the highest peak in the Park)

Although there are lots of things to be said about Holyrood Park, others can do that much better than me. Here is an excerpt from my favourite source about all things Scotland, 

... but while Edinburgh is not unique in having hills, there can be very few cities that can boast anything quite as spectacular as Holyrood Park. Lying just to the south of the Royal Palace of Holyroodhouse, which itself stands at the east end of Edinburgh's Royal Mile, Holyrood Park occupies some 650 acres, is roughly circular in shape, and measures about a mile across in any direction. Source:

And if you want to read even more about the Park, here is what Wikipedia has to say:

Holyrood Park (also called the Queen's Park or King's Park depending on the current monarch's gender, or preference) is a royal park in central Edinburgh, Scotland about a mile to the east of Edinburgh Castle. It has an array of hills, lochs, glens, ridges, basalt cliffs, and patches of whin (gorse) providing a remarkably wild piece of highland landscape within its 650-acre (260 ha) area. The park is associated with the royal palace of Holyroodhouse and was formerly a 12th-century royal hunting estate. Source:

Rainbow over Edinburgh with Salisbury Crags on the right.

East Parkside, nr Holyrood Park.

View towards the centre of the Park.

Salisbury Crags Rock Cliffs

View of Arthur's Seat.

View of Queens Drive/ Holyrood Park roundabout.  

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View over Edinburgh.

View of Edinburgh Castle.

A view of Calton Hill with some of its many monuments (Nelson's Monument left, National Monument right) with the Firth of Forth in the background.

Walkers braving the ice cold wind.

Holyrood Park Map Link

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