Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Scotland Tour Day 4 - Nethy Bridge to Inchnadamph

6.00 am. Lazy Duck Hostel, Nethy Bridge, Cairgorms, Highlands, Scotland

Tip toeing through the kitchen trying to find the kettle. Must not wake up the others who are still sound asleep... as kitchen, lounge and bedrooms aren't separated by proper walls... and sound travels through the whole lodge... I try and be as quiet as I can. And you know what that is like... it never works... the more you try to be quiet the more things you drop and bump into.
Can't find an electric kettle so I thought I try the microwave to boil water for my morning coffee. As soon I switched it on I realized that it was one of those fancy ones with millions of settings (not just a knob for setting the time). It reminded me that I had not selected what type of food I'm cooking and for how long and god knows what else by beeping loudly. When making my selection pushing allsorts of buttons it responded with beeps too every time you pressed one. So I gave up on that idea and reverted to my last resort, the good old fashioned water kettle on the gas hob. All went well, and quiet, until the water started to boil.

So dear cohabitants, walker's couple and Ben Howard band members, India and sisters and boyfriend: I am very sorry for waking you up at 6am on the only day you've had off in months. I sincerely apologize.

Left the hostel at 8.00 am.. by then I think almost everyone was up. I wonder why.

View from the Lazy Duck Hostel, Nethy Bridge, Cairngorms, Scotland.

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